Tom Wright

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    Are you supporting the Art Club. Why?

    Street repair Flores Street a river of cars, delivery trucks, mass confusion When?

    Homeless cost more if not treated, How?

    Weho has 300 storefronts for rent, costs taxes there’s no incentive for business

    Sunset Blvd is the lure of HOLLYWOOD

    The backer are using Gwyneth Paltrow her family is a Hollywood icon family she is proposing this and backing is she doesn’t even live in West Hollywood she’s not an artist she’s a salesperson of snake oil goop her company is being sued she’s being sued for 3 million dollars for a hit and ski accident in Utah coming to Hollywood to try to open up a private club on Sunset to change it

    Art Club London

    An Elite building for the elite people of the world as artist for that we get $1000000 for that we get like some sort of opportunities to be in their presence mean while it’s a private club only for the upper Elite they wanted to have a helicopter Port which was voted down it seems to me that that we could use resources for the funding and building and whatever we’re returning on this yes vote to know qualify who and why we need this I’m hoping that that will be level headed