Rob Bergstein

  • commented on Contact 2019-03-07 08:57:07 -0800
    Hi Brandon: While I wasn’t able to endorse you for this year’s election, I do think that you hold “promise”, at least in my eyes. My issue was that i hadn’t heard of you before the election cycle. Not that i attend every council or planning commission meeting (I only come when i have an issue i want to speak on), but I don’t recall having seen you at any meetings that I attended. I’ve been a board member or commissioner (currently i’m an at large appointee on Rent) for 16 years now and have found that has been the best way for me to understand the issues facing our City and for me to be involved. I would encourage you to apply to serve on any boards or commissions that might interest you, to attend meetings where there’s an issue you want to speak out on and to stay involved. There will be another election in 2020 and I’ll be watching you, Marquita and Sepi as I think that all 3 of you show that promise that I would be looking for. Feel free to contact me.