Ballot Measures

Measure B (Arts Club Project): As someone who supports allowing housing development beyond what the General Plan currently allows, it would be hypocritical of me to oppose the Arts Club Project on similar grounds.

The size of the project is similar to other commercial properties along Sunset Boulevard.  And while a residential lot is being lost as part of this project it the lot itself is currently used for parking and was unlikely to ever be redeveloped for residential use.

But I do think the realized value of the public spaces they are providing (an art gallery, a rehearsal space, monetary contributions to city's arts programs) will, in the eyes of West Hollywood residents, be well below the dollar cost of those projects ($13.5 million). 

Measure Y (Cannabis Tax): While I am not opposed to a tax on cannabis in general, it just seems like a tax revenue stream in search of a purpose. 

If the West Hollywood has a glaring need to pay for some key project (senior housing, Crenshaw Line extension) and planned on using the bulk of this mo
ney for that then yes, let's pass it.

But if the revenue is just going to be put towards general services I'm worried it will not be spent efficiently and that the small windfall the city will receive once a cannabis tax goes into place could be wasted.

Just because we can tax something doesn’t mean we need to right away.





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