Stop making the problem worse by ending bad policies. While the causes of homelessness are complex one of the biggest reasons is financial stress.

An unexpected illness or a broken down car and suddenly someone barely making ends meet no longer can. And once on the street it becomes that much harder to get back on your feet. High housing costs and poor public transportation increase the likelihood of this happening for many people.

Reduce public health risks through expanded services. Providing the resources to maintain basic hygiene is critical in preventing the spread of disease within the homeless community.  We should follow the lead of Los Angeles and work with non-profits like Lava Mae to offer mobile showers and other basic necessities for the homeless within West Hollywood. 

Invest in more comprehensive permanent housing solutions. For many homeless, especially those dealing with addiction and/or behavioral health challenges, simply providing a place to live is not enough to ensure they don't end up back on the street. Facilities like Step Up On Second in Santa Monica, which offer its residents a number of health and counseling services on-site, should be the model. 

Remember their dignity as fellow human beings. No one chooses to be homeless. Every homeless person has had some major trauma in life that pushed them onto the street. We must treat them with compassion. 




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