Allow more density. Almost every residential property in West Hollywood is limited to having buildings of 4 floors or less, and many are restricted to only 2 floors or less.

Considering the already high housing costs in our region and massive environmental, financial, and safety risks of continued sprawl this is dumb policy pure and simple and should be changed.

Encourage more construction. In addition to allowing more density we can drive more construction of both market rate and affordable housing through changes to the city's Inclusionary Housing Program.

We must build more homes of all types. It's the only way to bring housing costs down and it works.

By lowering the affordable housing requirement to 10-15% (down from the current 20%) and increasing in-lieu fees we can shift the incentives for developers, making larger developments more economically feasible.

Limit long-term vacancy. Simply building more housing won't solve our housing crisis as long as many new units remain unoccupied. By instituting a vacancy tax we can ensure that new housing benefits residents, not speculators. 




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