Bring the Crenshaw Line to West Hollywood in the next decade.  Over the coming months the City Council will have the chance to secure a deal with LA Metro and the City of Los Angeles to raise the funds needed to finish the Crenshaw Line extension years ahead of schedule.

If completed it could bring metro rail service through the heart of West Hollywood, cutting travel times across the region in half, saving residents thousands of dollars on transportation costs and boosting sales for local businesses. 

The city has many funding tools at its disposal, including Enhanced Infrastructure Financing Districts (EIFDs), which could raise the revenue needed without impacting existing city services or increasing taxes on residents. 

Lift the ban on rental scooters. While we all can decry the "do it now, ask for forgiveness later" tactics of several prominent rental scooter companies it's clear that rental scooters can and should become an integral part of West Hollywood's transportation infrastructure. Scooters make public transportation more effective and will be critical in our efforts to combat climate change.

By creating designated drop-off areas and assessing fees for noncompliance we can minimize the nuisance caused by improper parking of scooters. And working with the state legislature to pass legislation to allow scooters to operate on the sidewalk, provided riders dismount when approaching pedestrians, will improve safety for drivers, scooter operators and pedestrians alike. 

Upgrade bike lanes. West Hollywood should invest in colored bike lanes, like those recently completed on Santa Monica Boulevard in Beverly Hills, to increase visibility and safety for cyclists and drivers and encourage greater use of bikes as an alternative to driving. 




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